Sketching with USk Orlando

Last Saturday Urban Sketchers Orlando had an event at Leu Gardens, the group was there to sketch primarily the Fairy Doors, because that was the last weekend they were going to be exhibited . My husband and I decided to attend and I am glad we joined them, the gardens are beautiful and we really had a great time there,

I also had the opportunity to chat with some of the members and got some footage for an upcoming youtube video.

The gardens had a total of 20 fairy doors hidden between trees, but I just spent all the time sketching different versions of the same door. There were many families with their children so I added some of the kids in my sketch, I think the fairy houses look more magical when there are children in front of them, and there was even a girl dressed as a fairy!

At the end of the event during the throw down Noga Grosman (founder of USK Orlando) shared some useful information about different sketching tools and also invited people to join and volunteer with the group. She also introduced me and said that I am a volunteer with Urban Sketchers global. I have met Noga in person only 3 times, in Miami Beach, and at the Urban Sketching Art Night event in Winter Garden; but I have been working closely with her in different projects of usk social media since she recruited me in January of 2020 after the Art Deco Festival in Miami Beach, so I feel like I have known her for a while, and I enjoy participating in the USK projects with her.

These are some photos of Winter Garden when we went for the Art Night event, this was actually the first event (April 2021) that we joined in a group after many months of social distancing.

I like that USk Jacksonville has another chapter nearby, it is nice to visit and join different events, so this time at Leu Gardens I exchanged cards with another sketcher and told her to give me a call next time she is in Jacksonville, and in fact we already met with another USk Orlando Admin for sketching in St. Augustine, after we met him at the Urban Sketching Art Night .

I know that times have changed, but Does anyone else visit or maybe if not now, but used to visit other USk Chapters often as well?

Community Art Exhibit

Two years ago (2019) I had the opportunnity to participate again in the Community Exhibit ”Traces from the Off  the Beaten Path” at Dittmar Gallery in Northwestern University. What made this year more especial was that more artist friends also submitted and exhibed their work.

I participated with two pieces, one acrylic painting and ceramic scuplture.

Sometimes we make bad decisions, we get hurt and that prevent us from moving forward. We keep thinking about it, punishing ourselves and in the process, we become our worst enemy. Every day is a battle with our inner voices until the point that it becomes chronic pain. Finally, after some time we decide that it’s enough and we recover our calmness. In this painting I wanted to express those feelings. The orange represents the external noise that affects us while the white represents our thoughts.

  • Tranquility
  • Acrylic
  • 16”x 20”
  • 2019





When I started working on this piece I was going through some difficult emotions. This was manifested during the creative process in the first sketches. At the beginning I thought I should cover the face of the sculpture, but as she was taking shape, I changed my mind. I felt more relaxed and happy when working  with the clay, and even though it’s a small piece it takes time to finish. Waiting for every stage of the clay helps me to improve my patience and mood. I believe that working with clay is therapeutic, since it teaches you about how things in life can be so fragile, but most of the time you have an opportunity to start all over again.



USk Jacksonville at the Zoo

Our first big event in person was in May, when USk Jacksonville was invited to be part of the ”Art in the Gardens” event at the Jacksonville Zoo among other art groups, the event took place on Saturday and Sunday, and we got free access to the zoo.

I attended the second day with my husband, The group was guided by Chris Flagg, which is one of the 3 Admins of USk Jacksonville. We had a series of exercises of quick sketches like 1 min, 5, 10 and 15 minutes. The 1 or 2 min sketches were the most exiting because you know that you only have seconds to finish the drawing, there is no time for bad thoughts or judgment, but I did hear some experienced painters worried about how bad their work was. This made me think that even people that have been painting for a while feel uncomfortable with super fast sketches, because they have an idea of how perfect their work should look like, but that’s why some of these painters are part of USk Jacksonville to improve their quick sketching skills.

We started sketching animals in the Rhino area , then we moved to the Elephants and we did a longer sketch at the giraffes, like 10 or 15 minutes .

After that we moved to a more quiet place were we could sit around and just sketch whatever we wanted.

And for the final sketch we went to a table area, where there was a jazz band playing, everyone sat almost together and focused on fountains or architecture and I was also starting to do the same, but then as I was still not so sure of what to sketch, suddenly I got my answer, the band! sketch the jazz band! and for this sketch I used my ipad.

This activity was an excellent practice for both beginners and more experienced sketchers, and more over we were very happy to finally meet in person to sketch after more than a year. This was a very successful event and a great opportunity for USk Jacksonville to be noticed, since this is the first event that we were invited by an official organization like the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.

Nuestro primer gran evento en persona fue a finales de Mayo, cuado USk Jacksonville fue invitado a ser parte del evento Art in the Gardens en el zoológico de Jacksonville junto con otros grupos de arte, el evento se llevó a cabo en sábado y domingo y obtuvimos acceso gratuito al zoológico.

Yo asistí el segundo día junto con mi esposo. Todos los partcipantes anduvimos en grupo guiado por Chris Flagg quien es uno de los adminstradores de USk Jacksonville, el nos puso una serie de ejercicios de bocetos rápidos como 1 min, 5, 10 y 15 minutos. Los bocetos de 1 o 2 minutos fueron los más emocionantes porque sabes que solo tienes unos segundos para terminar el dibujo, y en teoría no hay tiempo para malos pensamientos o autocrítica, pero aun asi escuché a algunos pintores experimentados preocupados por lo mal que estaba su trabajo. Esto me hizo pensar que incluso las personas que han estado pintando por buen tiempo se sienten incómodas con bocetos súper rápidos, porque tienen una idea de cuán perfecto debería ser su trabajo, aunque puede que precisamente ese sea el motivo de que algunos de estos pintores sean parte de USk Jacksonville, para buscar mejorar sus habilidades de dibujo rápido.

Comenzamos dibujando animales en el área del Rinoceronete, luego pasamos a los Elefantes e hicimos un boceto con mas tiempo, y en el área de las jirafas estuvimos como 10 o 15 minutos.

Después de eso, nos movimos a un lugar más tranquilo donde pudieramos sentarnos y simplemente dibujar lo que queramos.

Y para el boceto final fuimos a las áreas de mesas, había una banda de jazz tocando, todos se sentaron casi juntos y se enfocaron en las fuentes de agua o la arquitectura y yo también estaba comenzando a hacer lo mismo, pero como no estaba tan segura de qué hacer, de pronto obtuve mi respuesta, ¡la banda! ¡ dibuja la banda de jazz ! y para este boceto usé mi ipad.

Esta activdad fue una excelente práctica, tanto para principantes como para dibujantes con mas experiencia; además, estábamos muy felices de finalmente reunirnos en persona para dibujar después de más de un año. Este fue un evento muy exitoso y una oportunidad para que USk Jacksonville se diera a conocer, ya que este es el primer evento al que fuimos invitados por una organización oficial como el Zoológico de Jacksonville.

USk Jacksonville Official Chapter

In September of 2020 we were informed that USk Jacksonville had become an official chapter of Urban Sketchers. We were so happy about this news.

The next step was working on the logo design, one of our members Patrick Mahoney proposed an idea, the skyline of Jacksonville with one of the bridges, and we used his drawing as a reference for the logo. In order to design the logo is necessary to to follow specific guidelines.

In November our Chapter was welcomed and featured on Drawing Attention the Zine publication of Urban Sketchers. This is the link

Since then we continued with monthly zoom meetings bringing guest speakers and having sketching assignments posted on the Facebook group.

Our first big event in person happened until May 2021.

En septiembre del 2020 se nos informó que USK Jacksonville se había convertido en un grupo oficial de Urban Sketchers. Estuvimos muy felices de recibir esa noticia.
El siguiente paso fue trabajar en el diseño del Logo, uno de los miembros de USk Jaxksonville, Patrick Mahoney propuso una idea, los edificios de Jacksonville que estan junto al rio, con uno de los puentes, asi que usamos su dibujo como referencia para el logo. Cabe mencionar que para diseñar el logo es necesario seguir pautas específicas otorgadas por Urban Sketchers.

En noviembre, nuestro Grupo fue presentado en Drawing Attention, que es la publicación en línea de Urban Sketchers. Este es el enlace

Desde entonces, continuamos con las reuniones de zoom mensuales, trayendo invitados para que nos compartan sobre dibujo urbano y publicando tareas y retos de dibujo en el grupo de Facebook.

Nuestra primer gran evento en persona sería hasta Mayo del 2021.

Jax SKetchers Online meeting

Due to the pandemic unfortunately we had to stop the sketch crawls events that we were having at the beginning of the year. Urban Sketchers Jacksonville was doing great but the fact that we couldn’t see each other and sketch together slowed down the rhythm that the group had. For that reason we decided to meet on Zoom and do a virtual throw down.

We were given a task, we had one week to sketch our neighborhood and on Saturday July 25th we had the first meeting at 10 am (since then we have been meeting monthly) it was so nice to meet the members again! we were 10 people so each of us had the chance to show our sketches and said a little bit of where and what we did.

My work was helping with the Zoom meeting, I scheduled the video call and was in charge as an admin. We also had another challenge, since we were using the free version we had just 40 minutes to hold our meeting but we managed just fine.

This was a great opportunity for catching up and to share some important information regarding the application process to become an official chapter of Urban Sketchers (that was going to take a few months) so we knew that we had to keep working, and show our initiative as a group.

Debido a la pandemia a mediados de Marzo tuvimos que detener los eventos de Urban Sketching. El grupo de Urban Sketchers Jacksonville iba muy bien, pues a principios del año mas personas empezaban a asistir a las reuniones, pero como ahora no podemos dibujar juntos, el ritmo de la participación que tenía el grupo empezaba a disminuir. Por esa razón, decidimos reunirnos en Zoom y mostrar nuestros dibujos de manera virtual.

La dinámica fue la siguiente: nos dieron una semana para dibujar nuestro vecindario y el sábado 25 de julio tuvimos la primera reunión a las 10 am (desde entonces nos hemos estado reuniendo mensualmente) fue tan agradable encontrarnos con los miembros nuevamente, éramos 10 personas así que cada uno de nosotros tuvo la oportunidad de mostrar sus bocetos y decir un poco de dónde y qué dibujamos.

Mi trabajo fue asisitir con la reunión de Zoom, la programé y estuve a cargo como administradora. Tuvimos otro desafío, ya que estábamos usando la versión gratuita, solo teníamos 40 minutos, pero nos las arreglamos bien.

Fue una gran oportunidad para ponernos al día y compartir algo de información sobre el proceso de solicitud que enviamos para convertirnos en un capítulo oficial de Urban Sketchers (proceso que tomaría unos meses) así que sabíamos que mientras teníamos que seguir trabajando y mostrar nuestra iniciativa como grupo.

SKetching in Savannah for a day

A month ago I visited Savannah with my husband, we went there because he had work to do and the plan was to be there at least for 2 days but then he was needed back at the office in Jacksonville. So I decided to keep with my sketching plan in a more intensive way.

I left the hotel in the morning and went looking for a place to sketch, to be honest I didn’t decide it in advance , because there are so many nice things to sketch and I prefer that once I find something that interests me then I can start, (it was a brick building in the corner) I started sketching for less than 5 minutes, but some how I didn’t feel like continuing and I turned to the other side.

There I could see row buildings that called my attention, and it was when I said ”this is what I want to sketch today”, and I abandoned the other drawing.

I usually don’t abandon a sketch once I have started but my time was limited and that’s why at the beginning I wanted to focus on just a single building.

I am glad that I changed my mind because I enjoyed sketching the other buildings more. For this drawing I used just pencil and then watercolor.

I felt that I needed to add more shadows but I had to stop paintng there because I had to go the hotel to check out before 11 am.

From the hotel I walked to the to the river, for about 20 minutes.

Here I sketched the bridge at the Savanna River. It was the second time that I was drawing in this site, but now I followed a challenge by Urban Sketchers. This was just using 3 colors and mixing from there, the ”Triad Color challenge” by Jeane Bundell.

I will definitely continue using this style, because I was very happy with the results. The thing is that this allows your painting to harmonize better, and many times I struggle with that.

After finishing here I was very hungry so I went to a Nepali restaurant called Namaste Savannah that is located on Broughton St. I ordered some noodles and took a break, I did 2 small sketches while enjoying my food, it was very delicious!. I think this restaurant is one of my favorites in Savannah.

Outside was very hot so I needed to cool down that’s why I spent extra time sketching , finally I went back to the hotel and waited for my husband to picked me up so we could return to Jacksonville. It was a very short trip but I really enjoyed it.

Art Deco Weekend in Miami Beach

2020 started very promising for Urban sketching with events like this, by then I was thinking also in joining the USK Chicago Seminar. Little did I know that this was going to be one of the only major events of the year or at least for the first semester due to Covid-19.

On January 17-19 my husband and I attended the Art Deco Weekend fesitval in Miami Beach, the Urban Sketchers Florida Regional were going to be participaing leading Sketch walks and demos, I registered both of us in advance for 3 activities. The event was free of charge.  We drove about 7 hours from Jacksonville and made it for the Drink & Draw Event, that was the last activity of the first day,  previously in the day they had sketchwalks and  some demos by Instructors.

First we arrived to our hotel  just to check in, and immediately after that we went to buy a stool chair, because the one I had for over 2 years got broken the night before.

Then we drove to La Palma Restaurant where other sketchers were gathering, it was a nice opportunity to meet sketchers from Orlando, Miami and Tampa. After introducing ourselves we ordered some nachos and started sketching .

El 2020 comenzó muy prometedor con eventos de urban sketchers como este, para entonces estaba pensando también en la posibilidad de asistir al USK Chicago Seminar. Poco me imaginaba que este iba a ser uno de los únicos eventos  del año o al menos durante el primer semestre, debido a la contingencia por  Covid-19.

Del 17 al 19 de enero, mi esposo y yo asistimos al festival de Art Deco Weekend en Miami Beach, el capitulo Regional de Urban Sketchers Florida iba a participar guiando Sketch walks y algunas demostraciones de dibujo por parte de los instructores. Nosotros nos registramos para 3 actividades. El evento fue gratuito, pero era necesario inscribirse con anticipación.

Salimos temprano en la mañana y  manejamos aproximadamente 7 horas desde Jacksonville, nuestra idea era llegar al  Drink and Draw que era la última actividad del primer día.

Primero llegamos a nuestro hotel solo para registrarnos y después fuimos a una tienda de camping, para comprar un banco portable, porque el que tuve durante más de 2 años se rompió la noche anterior.

Luego nos dirigimos al restaurante La Palma, donde se reunían los demás dibujantes,  esta fue una buena oportunidad para conocer sketchers de Orlando, Miami y Tampa.  Después de presentarnos con ellos pedimos unos nachos y comenzamos a dibujar.

D and D

The next morning we attended the sketchwalk on 11th street Ocean drive, that was going to be  from 10-1 pm. We arrive 10 min before to the tent to check in and we got our goodie bags with some nice art supplies.

It was very interesting to see the Art Deco Architecture in that part of the city and during the sketchwalk we received information about the history of the buildings as well.

A la mañana siguiente asistimos al Sketch walk en la calle 11 Ocean Drive, que sería de 10 a 1 pm. Llegamos 10 minutos antes a la carpa para registrarnos y  nos dieron nuestros sketch kit  que incluía un cuaderno, lapices,  pinceles y pintura entre otras cosas. Fue muy interesante ver la arquitectura Art Deco que existe en esa parte de la ciudad  y durante el Sketchwalk también recibimos información sobre la historia de los edificios.







group - Copy



At 1pm we attended the last event that we registered for, It was a demo by  James Richards, we walked almost to the end of the street, where we could see a perspective with interesting buildings. He described the process of how he works step by step, and also answered some questions from people. His class was not just informative but also was fun.

While he was doing the demo I also sketched the same thing trying to follow instructcions, but I didn’t pay much attention to my own sketch, it was just a way to take notes of what he was saying.

I am very pleased for having attended this event and look forward to have the opportunity of  sketching again with USK Florida Chapters like  Miami and Orlando in the future.   Life can change quickly so it is very important to appreciate the little things, and don’t take anything for granted.

This is the link of the video I made about this event.

A la 1 pm asistimos al último evento para el que nos registramos. Era una demostración del instructor James Richards, caminamos casi hasta el final de la calle, donde se podía ver una perspectiva con edificios interesantes. El instructor describió el proceso de cómo trabaja paso a paso y también respondió algunas preguntas de la gente. Su clase no solo fue informativa, sino que también fue divertida.

Mientras estaba haciendo la demostración, también dibujé lo mismo tratando de seguir las instrucciones, pero no presté mucha atención a mi propio bosquejo, era solo una forma de tomar notas de lo que estaba diciendo.

Estoy muy contenta de haber asistido a este evento y espero tener la oportunidad de volver a dibujar con los Capítulos de USK Florida como Miami y Orlando en el futuro. La vida puede cambiar en un abrir y cerrar de ojos, por lo tanto es muy importante apreciar las pequeñas cosas y nunca dar nada por sentado.

Este es el link del video que hice sobre este evento.






First USK Jacksonville sketch crawl

It turns out that around August of 2019 a group of artist started an Urban Sketch group in the city, I found out about it, and joined the first event on September.

We met in the San Marco Square which is an iconic place in that Neighborhood. The meeting started with some warm up exercises that were very useful, it consisted in quick sketches, just like a 5 min sketch, then a 10 min sketch,  and finally we had longer time for the last sketch.

My husband also participated, he was the one that took the group picture. It was very nice for us to meet new people from Jacksonville. And I was very happy to found people that are interested or curious about art and Urban Sketching, most of them are artists that belong to the First Coast Plein Air Painters.

I also met the founder of the group Lisa Deems and Chris Flagg an architect who was the one leading the sketch crawl, he mentioned that he attended the Urban Sketchers Chicago Symposium and shared some good tips that he learned there.

This is a video of the event as well as the one of November.

Resulta que alrededor de agosto de 2019 un grupo de artistas comenzó un grupo Urban Sketch en la ciudad, me enteré por Facebook y me uní al primer evento en septiembre.

El evento se llevó a cabo en San Marco Square que es un área icónica de ese vecindario.  La reunión fue dinámica ya que comenzamos con algunos ejercicios de calentamiento que fueron muy útiles, estos consistieron en realizar bocetos rápidos, uno de 5 minutos, luego un boceto de 10 minutos y finalmente tuvimos más tiempo para el último boceto.

Mi esposo también participó y disfrutó del evento, el fue quien tomó la foto de grupo por eso no aparece ahí.  Para nosotros dos fue muy agradable conocer gente nueva de Jacksonville. Yo me alegré  por haber encontrado personas interesadas o curiosas sobre arte y Urban Sketching, la mayoría de ellos son artistas que pertenecen a First Coast Plein Air Painters,

También conocí a la fundadora del grupo Lisa Deems y Chris Flagg, un arquitecto que dirigió el bosquejo del bosquejo, mencionó que asistió al Simposio de Urban Sketchers Chicago y compartió algunos buenos consejos que aprendió allí.

Este es el link del video de ese evento, así como el evento del mes de noviembre.





20191026_102040Jax USK

First Sketch in Jacksonville

Last Summer after 7 years of been living in Chicago my husband and I moved to Jacksonville, FL.  Just 3 days after our arrival and finding a place to live we went out sketching. We had a lot of stress in the previews weeks but here we felt that we could finally relax a little. The process of relocating can be stressful, but thank God things started to become better. For that reason this moment was a very special one, because is the first sketch session in the city that for now will be our home.

We decided to sketch by the St. Johns river at the Friendship Fountain, which it’s a park that has an amazing view, from there we can see the Downtown buildings and the bridges that conect the 2 sides of the city.  In june the weather is really warm, but we went almost at the sunset when it becomes more pleasent.  I made a video about this sketching session, check it out here.

One thing that concerned me was  that by the time we arrived to the city there was no Jacksonville Urban Sketchers!, but soon we would discover that a group was  beginning to form.

El verano pasado, después de 7 años de vivir en Chicago, mi esposo y yo nos mudamos a Jacksonville, Florida. A solo 3 días después de nuestra llegada y de haber encontrado un lugar para vivir, salimos a dibujar. Las semanas anteriores habían sido estresantes, pero en ese instante finalmente sentimos que podíamos relajarnos un poco. El proceso de mudarse a otra ciudad puede ser pesado, pero gracias a Dios las cosas comenzaron a mejorar. Por esa razón, este momento fue muy especial, ya que es la primera sesión de urban sketching en la ciudad que por ahora será nuestro hogar.

Decidimos dibujar junto al río St. Johns en la Fuente de la Amistad, que es un parque que tiene una vista increíble, desde allí se pueden ver los edificios del centro y los puentes que conectan los 2 lados de la ciudad. En junio el clima es muy cálido, pero fuimos casi al atardecer, cuando se pone más agradable. Hice un video sobre esta sesión de dibujo, puden verlo aqui.

Una cosa que me preocupó fue que cuando llegamos a la ciudad no había Jacksonville Urban Sketchers, pero pronto descubriríamos que un grupo comenzaba a formarse.







Sketching in Savannah, GA.

Last month I spent a week in Savannah, GA. I had the opportunity to sketch and walk around the city, explore its many parks and along the river.

The city was established in 1733 so it has a very unique colonial style, which made me feel very excited about sketching there.

One day in the middle of my trip I was feeling a little bit tired and decided to spend more time at the hotel before going out sketching, so I started drawing a map that shows what is around  Jacksonvillle, displays the whole state of Florida, and a little of Georgia, and the Carolinas. I enjoyed making this map because it gives me a better sense of my new location (I recently relocated from Chicago to Jacksonville),  the drawing doesn’t have exact measures or scale because I didn’t use any intrument. I just tried to copy as acurate as possible from my phone using google maps.

El mes pasado visité Savannah, GA por una semana. Tuve la oportunidad de dibujar y caminar por la ciudad, explorar sus numerosos parques y a lo largo del río.

La ciudad se estableció en 1733, por lo que tiene un estilo colonial muy singular y me emocionaba mucho dibujar ahí. 

Un día, en medio de mi viaje, me sentía un poco cansada y decidí pasar más tiempo en el hotel antes de salir a dibujar, así que comencé a hacer un mapa  que muestra lo que hay alrededor de Jacksonvillle, todo el estado de Florida y un poco de Georgia y las Carolinas (Norte y Sur). 

Disfruté haciendo este mapa porque me da una mejor idea de mi nueva ubicación (recientemente me mudé de Chicago a Jacksonville), el dibujo no tiene medidas ni escalas exactas porque no utilicé ningún instrumento, solo intenté copiarlo con tanta precisión como pude viendo google maps desde mi teléfono celular.




20190819_170901 - Copy

This trip was very inspiring for me, in one ocassion I was having a lunch break in a park and a very talented violinist was playing, I quickly finished my sandwich and started sketching.

While he was playing  I thought that  I really want to learn to play some musical instrument (it’s been 3 weeks since I started learning ukulele).

I talked briefly with the musician and it turns out he speaks fluent Spanish, (so the rest of our conversation was in Spanish)  he learned at School but he keeps practicing at his church. That really encouraged me to keep learning and put more effort in the languages I have been studying.

I also had the opportunity to take 3 ballet classes in Savannnah, since I have been learning as an adult for more than a year now, so after a day of sketching with lots of walking, I had to save some extra energy for a 90 min of dance class.

Este viaje fue muy inspirador para mí, en una ocasión estaba comiendo en un parque y en medio había un violinista muy talentoso tocando, terminé rápidamente mi sándwich y comencé a dibujarlo; mientras él tocaba, yo pensé que realmente quería aprender a tocar algún instrumento musical (han pasado 3 semanas desde que comencé a aprender el ukelele).

Hablé brevemente con el músico y resulta que él también habla español y muy fluido, mencionó que aprendió en la escuela pero sigue practicando en su iglesia. Eso realmente me animó a seguir aprendiendo y poner más esfuerzo en los idiomas que he estado estudiando.

También tuve la oportunidad de tomar 3 clases de ballet en Savannnah, ya que he estado aprendiendo y tomando clases para adultos durante más de un año. Así que después de un día de  mucho dibujar y caminar tenía que dejar algo de energía extra para una clase de ballet de 90 minutos. 






The day I sketched the musician, I was in Chippewa Square, which is where Tom Hanks in the  movie Forrest Gump is sitting on the bench, telling his story while waiting for the bus. That was an interesting fact that I found once there. It was funny because I googled it thinking now it’s time to go to that Square, and it turns out I was already there!

In conclusion I can say that I really enjoyed this trip, although I must say that the weather was very warm, since it was mid August, but it was still manageble because there are many trees around the city, so  I just  had to drink lots of water to keep me hydrated.  I should mention that not every day were the same, one day it was raining but I was lucky and found shelter in a resting area by the river, I sat there and lost track of time while sketching.

This sketching trip gave me an opportunity for contemplation and allowed me to be more present and aware of the sounds, details and things around me.

I am sharing with you a link of a video I made about this trip.

El día que dibujé al músico, me encontraba en Chippewa Square, que es donde Tom Hanks en la película Forrest Gump está sentado en la banca contando su historia, mientras espera el autobús. Ese fue un hecho interesante que encontré una vez allí.  Fue divertido porque busqué en Google, pensando muy bien es hora de encontrar esa Plaza, ¡y resulta que ya estaba allí!

En conclusión, puedo decir que realmente disfruté este viaje, aunque debo decir que el clima era muy cálido, pues aun nos encontrábamos en mediados de agosto, aun así era soportable ya que había muchos árboles alrededor, por lo que solo tenía que seguir bebiendo mucha agua para mantenerme hidratada. Cabe mencionar que no todos los días fueron iguales, un día estaba lloviendo, pero tuve suerte y encontré refugio en una zona de descanso junto al río, me senté ahí y perdí la noción del tiempo mientras dibujaba.

Este viaje de dibujo me dio la oportunidad de reflexionar y me permitió estar más presente y consciente de los sonidos, detalles y cosas que me rodean.

Aprovecho para compartir el enlace de un video que hice sobre este viaje.






Fotos, Trazos y Palabras